Boot Repair

I repair to factory specifications new cork, rubber or leather filling between the insole and sole, which you will never see but you will appreciate the comfort. I use top grade leather products. This will add comfort and value to you. The leather is trimmed and never sanded. This is how you get the great looking beveled look. A great western tradition continues!! All old threads are removed and re-stitched with new thread in the original holes so that you can resole time and time again.

Prices per pair unless otherwise noted.

- Full soles and heels
- Half sole & heels
- Half soles only
- Heels only
- Zippers (each)
- Heel linings
- Heel pads

These are the most common boot repairs. Other prices will be given upon request.

Prices are subject to change.


The straps on handbags can be shortened, leather handbags can be re-glazed and suede bags can be dry cleaned.

Belts can be re-glazed and shortened. Extra holes can also be added to belts.

Luggage repairs are generally limited to repairs and not the replacement of parts. Some of the luggage repairs includ re-glazing.

Zippers on handbags, backpacks, and jackets can be re-tracked or if needed replaced. Alterations are not done. Rips are only done along seams since tears that need sewing generally look poor.

Gloves: I do not repair gloves of any kind – driving gloves or baseball.

- Dry clean suede handbags
- Re-tracking zippers
- Replacing zippers
- Leather jacket zippers
- Heel linings
- Shoe shine
- Boot shine –depending on boot height