Men's Shoes

Men’s shoes should look like shoes, not boots. Again, my objective is to return your shoes to the look and use for which they were originally bought. Need a favorite pair of shoes transformed into golf shoes? No problem.

Returning shoes to practically new may include nice beaded sole edging, the same thickness all the way around the sole, or a beautiful, sparkling shine. The originally stitched old thread is removed from the welt and a new thread is re-stitched in the original holes. Resole your shoes time and time again without a problem. Dress shoes have no nails in the shank from the factory so I will never nail your dress sole. Again the goal is to make your shoes like new.

Many shoes today that do not have the traditional leather sole can also be repaired using Vibram products that are ether factory original or a fantastic substitute.

Sorry, I do not dye any fabrics or suede.

Prices per pair unless otherwise noted.

- Full soles and heels
- Half sole & heels
- Half soles only
- Heels only
- Heel linings
- One piece soles that you see on Docs and other popular one piece soles
- Shoe stretching length or width
- Both directions
- Suede shoes cleaned

Various rips and adjustments can also be done for an additional charge. Shoe stretching is only for shoes that fit. I cannot make them bigger, but can only help quicken the break in process.

These are the most common men’s shoe repairs. Other prices can be given upon request.