Women's Shoes

Women’s Shoes, the ones that you love so much and abuse can be rejuvenated with such repairs as new heel lifts, half soles, or protective soles, which are long wearing and non-slip. Your shoes should look like they did when you first bought them.

Worn heel bases covered with fine calfskin, patent leather or stacked leather can be recovered. Sometimes the shanks snap, bend or break all together. For this, new heel bases can be reattached. I use fine Italian leather if that is the necessary repair. Vibram products are also a great choice for prolonged wearing, slippery sole problems, or simply for added comfort.

Some alterations can also be done such as taking in or letting out the calf area of the knee-high boots. Stretching the calf area of boots is another option. Leather dye work is available but only on a limited number of colors.

Sorry, I do not dye any fabrics or suede.

Prices per pair unless otherwise noted.

- Zippers in boots (each)
- Stretch calves (each)
- Leather half soles
- Protective soles
- Heel lifts (price depends on size of heel)
- Leather calfskin insoles
- Reattach heels or strengthen shanks
- Dry clean suede shoes

Various rips and adjustments can also be done for an additional charge. Shoe stretching is only for shoes that fit. I cannot make them bigger, but can only help quicken the break in process.

These are the most common women’s shoe repairs. Other prices can be given upon request.